2630 French Toast Sticks (6lbs) Just like downtown, but you can bake, micro, or fry if you want. Cinnamon. 6 bags (over 100)  $24.90

2636 Sausage w/ Pancake on Stick (24cnt) Skinless Sausage link on a stick covered in pancake with just a touch of maple syrup. Micro. Also Blueberry.

Omelets: Cheddar Cheese (18-3.5 oz) Pre Baked and Microwave ready. Real Eggs.
A little Cheddar.Natural product. Excellent.
Breakfast Burrito: 24 - 3 oz. Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and Sausage/Ham/Bacon. Mild.
2605 Precooked Sausage Links (120-.8oz) A good link. Mild. Microwave.
2601 1/2 Links & 1/2 Patties. (60 & 48)Heat and eat. These are very good links and patties. And very fast. Skinless, tender and browned.