Lakes we currently fish

Are there others we can add to this list?
There should be parking for at least 15.
Concrete ramp.
At least 300 acres of water.
No more than one hour from Battle Creek
Alphabetical Lake List

Branch County           Parking Union,                             10

Craig/Morrison,              20 (Waffle Farm)

Coldwater,                      56

Marble,                           50 (Wildwood)



Barry County          Parking

Thornapple,                  15

Jordan,                         28                

Crooked,                      18     Ramp $7

Gun                               30, 106

Fine                                N/A


Calhoun and Eaton
Goguac,                          33    

Blue Portage,                 30

Duck,                               28




Kalamazoo County
Gull,                                 92     Ramp $10

Sherman,                         30

Morrow,                            32

Austin,                              43

Barton,                             26                        

Long                                  24

St. Joe County
Portage,                          30

Palmer,                           10


Limited Parking/water: Nottawa, Narrow, Wabascon, Lee, Prairie, Lake of the woods, Oliverda, Eagle, Graham

Lake George

Pine  Lake     Ramp $7

Morrison Lake