A small Battle Creek, MI based Bass Fishing Club.
 If you are a beginner or intermediate skilled bass angler looking for a small friendly
     fishing club to join.


Lake Schedule


 Need help? Directions? Call Art Fields 269-841-9296 or Don 269-275-0695
May 28 Duck 6 AM

Would you like to fish with us? Give us a call. Read 'Getting Started' below.

June 4 Gull 6 AM

Weigh-in stats & AOY


Club Rules and Payouts

Fall Club Meeting Suggestions:

Email Don


Note: Classic Lakes Reversed
due to scheduling conflict



June 11 Gun 6 AM
June 18 Jordan 6 AM
June 25 Coldwater 6 AM
July 2 Bristol 6 AM
July 9 Craig 6 AM
July 16 Marble 6 AM
July 23 Union 6 AM
July 30 Sugarloaf 6 AM
Aug. 6 Thornapple 6:30
Aug. 13 Goguac 6:30
Aug. 20 Morrow 6:30
Aug. 27 Long 6:30
Sept. 3 Austin 7 AM
Sept. 10 Barton 7 AM
Sept. 17 Upper Crooked 7 AM

7 AM
Sept. 24 Randall  Classic    7 AM
Sept. 25 Pine  Classic         7 AM

Email Don



Getting Started is easy.

Simply show up and be ready to fish opening day. We start fishing at the listed time so it is best to be there at least 30 minutes early the first time, to sign in and get familiar with everything. We like everyone on the water 10 minutes early. We finish 6 hours later and weigh in.

Annual Club dues are $15 which can be paid at your first tournament. Club Dues cover Awards and Tournament Permits where required. It is $15 to compete for 6 hours. 80% is paid back that day and 20% is put aside for the Classic at year's end. All tournament money is paid out by year end.

There is an optional Big Bass pot you can enter for $5, if there are 2 anglers in the boat both would have to enter, one angler cannot enter alone.

Remember: Have a current fishing license and an annual DNR window sticker or passport license plate sticker for future lakes.
Have a BumpStick to measure your fish. Must be 14"! When in doubt bring it in and ask for Don or Art to confirm before weigh-in.
Test your boat out before showing up. Bring a watch, some water and maybe a rainsuit.

Please take time to read  Club Rules.  It took us 15 years to write them, it will take less than 15 minutes to read them and will answer most questions you may have.

Any other questions just email Don or Art  or our phone numbers are at the top of this page. Thank you for your interest.


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Battle Creek  BassBusters

5/28 Duck 6 AM
6/4 Gull 6 AM
6/11 Gun 6 AM
6/18 Jordan 6 AM
6/25 Coldwater 6 AM
7/2 Bristol 6 AM
7/9 Craig 6 AM
7/16 Marble 6 AM
7/23 Union 6 AM
7/30 Sugarloaf 6 AM
8/6 Thornapple 6:30
8/13 Goguac 6:30
8/20 Morrow 6:30
8/27 Long 6:30
9/3 Austin 7 AM
9/10 Barton 7 AM
9/17 Crooked 7 AM
Sept. 24 Randall           Classic   7 AM
Sept. 25 Pine                Classic    7 AM